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Priya Sargeant
A hypnotherapist and founder of PS Love Therapy, I help women break free from burnout, stress and overwhelm, empowering you to make profound lasting changes in your life, exploring the relationship you have with yourself to unlock results. Breaking through limiting beliefs developed through adolescent, by understanding what is driving the automatic decision processes, so you can thrive in all aspects and reclaim inner peace. I am here to help you because my own journey has been so profound through Rapid Transformational Therapy, now I get to live a much happier and fulfiled life. I few years back it looked like I had it all including a successful career in IT, but on the inside, I was experiencing fear, anxiety, physical pain and sleepless nights. I became a master of hiding my feelings, in fact the real me was screaming to be seen and heard because I wasn’t ok. Often asking myself what was wrong with me?I knew I needed to look inside to fix this..Then out of nowhere luck and destiny brought Marisa Peer into my life. Marisa is an established and well-respected therapist of our time, now teacher and mentor of her award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy. From watching Marisa I was amazed how quickly people were healing from issues. I trained in hypnotherapy a few years back, however the RTT technique was a game changer. So I decided to re-train in RTT, I did this because I knew many women in the workplace would benefit just like I have. When I experienced RTT therapy for this first time, the session revealed the reason and root cause of my physical pain, I was overjoyed by profound impact it made on me, the pain vanished completely… this changed my life forever!During the next therapy sessions, I gained relief from sleepless nights, I learnt to have voice in the workplace… and so on. The change in me when I understood everything that was going on inside me was priceless and I felt at peace. I can’t tell you how good it is to feel free at last!Now as a certified, clinical RTT practitioner I am equipped with techniques crucial for communicating with the subconscious mind. My knowledge, skills and experience is continuously growing as I continue to learn from Marisa and my clients, and I want to share this unique gift with you. These skills enable me to reach into your soul to reveal what’s holding you back from leading the life you envisage, in the most profound way. I want to see you embrace your own fulfilling path, and discover that therapy can be one of the most loving investments you can choose for yourself.Wishing you peace always,Priya

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